Between 2005 and 2009 we spent quite a lot of time playing World of Warcraft.
We played on the Muradin server and belonged to a guild called "VoG".
During that time Haxa (Andreas) experimented with doing movies from scenes captured during play.

Fraps ( was used for capturing footage.
Pinnacle Studio ( was used for editing the videos.


VoG 2008

- the last movie (?) made used prior to the release of the expansion "Wrath of the leech king"

In the pale moonlight

- an attempt at "real" movie-making, with a story. Tuffs (Jenny) became the bad guy ;-)

Visions of Grandeur

- the third movie made, during VoGs advance into 40-man dungeons (prior to the release of the expansion "The burning crusade")..

Vision of Grandeur (old)

- the first try, and a pretty good one at that.


- one of the scenes from the first movie (seen in the beginning of this one) was blamed for being sexist. The immediate response was this movie - blatantly sexist.


In 2008 one of the members of our guild passed away. This movie shows her virtual funeral. She will always be missed.


(All videos require DivX codec -